Daily Menu

We’re doing things a little differently.
Our menu is a daily spread of delicious things, prepared with love. We don’t have table service, or a menu that you can order from. Instead, every day we fill our cabinets with seasonal sandwiches, soups, salads, quiches, scones, muffins, cookies, cakes, and other treats. Select what looks good and enjoy it at the cafe with a coffee or drink, or have it packed up to go with you back to work or home.
While the menu changes daily below is a sample of what you might find.

Sandwiches ($6.50 – $8.50)
– Smoked meat, slaw, mustard, pickles, pretzel bun
– Herb roasted chicken breast, house made basil pesto, kale, ciabatta bun
– Genoa salami,
– Ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, croissant
– Bacon, egg, mozzarella, house made tomato sauce, English muffin

Savoury ($6.50 – $8.50)
– Roasted red pepper, kale, fennel seed frittata
– Broccoli, aged cheddar quiche
– Cauliflower, fennel, cabbage, carrot, cranberry slaw with tahini dressing
– Kale, roast yam, green apple, walnuts, feta cheese salad with herb vinaigrette
– House made pork and vegetable sausage roll
– Daily soup

Sweet ($2 – $6.50)
– Fresh baked blueberry scones
– Raspberry and chocolate chip muffins
– Carrot cake with maple cream cheese icing
– Date square
– White chocolate and cranberry blondie
– Chocolate peppermint slice
– Louise slice; vanilla shortbread topped with raspberry jam and coconut meringue
– Ginger molasses crackle cookies